Life Insurance Premium Financing

Life Insurance for Domestics and non-US Citizens

With the help of a licensed life insurance agent, a policy can be custom tailored to provide many benefits.

There are 3 types of life insurance policies offered by U.S. carriers:

Whole Life, Universal Life and Term

Permanent policies (Whole Life and Universal Life) come with an integrated cash value component designed to function as a savings account. Permanent life insurance plans can offer wide-ranging benefits for both domestic and foreign nationals. The above can all be used as buy sell agreement life insurance contracts as well as estate planning life insurance.

For affluent individuals who would like to obtain large life insurance amounts without having to liquidate their assets, consider allowing us to help you explore Premium Finance as a funding option. Rather than pay the large annual premiums for your insurance out of your own pocket, you may be able to borrow the funds through a financial institution. To learn more about this sophisticated planning option please schedule an appointment with us.

When structured properly a life insurance policy can provide:

  •       Estate Liquidity
  •       Asset protection
  •       Supplemental retirement income that is tax-advantaged
  •       Tax free wealth accumulation


Additional considerations

Cash values could have the advantage of not being correlated to stock market returns and they retain their value even when interest rates rise. This is not the case with bonds and bond mutual funds.

Obtaining a whole life or universal life policy allows you to enjoy tax advantages while providing additional savings. For those considering an early retirement, a permanent life insurance policy may be of much value as it works well when combined with other retirement savings options.

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